CAA to Implement a System Similar to the UK’s Aviation Authority

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has decided to implement a system similar to that in the United Kingdom to ensure transparency in licensing and training of pilots.

The CAA has taken this decision to emancipate itself from the restrictions of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) that were imposed after the Minister for Aviation, Ghulam Sarwar Khan, had revealed on the floor of the National Assembly that most of the national flag carrier’s pilots possessed fake credentials.


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According to details, Deputy DG Regulatory CAA, Nadir Shafi Dar, recently held an online meeting with CEO UK’s CAA, Richard Moriarty, and discussed a wide range of matters relating to the national CAA.

The online meeting comes at the back of an ICAO session that was held earlier this month during which CAA failed to address the concerns of the ICAO. However, the ICAO had given CAA a period of 90 days to ensure it addresses its concerns across four areas including licensing and training of pilots.


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During the online meeting, the UK’s CAA assured complete cooperation and pledged to extend maximum support to the national CAA for deploying a similar system in Pakistan. Moreover, the UK’s CAA has also offered to install the state-of-the-art licensing and training system with 30 days.

Sources within CAA are confident that the deployment of a system similar to that of the UK will address the concerns of ICAO, adding that licenses that will be issued after adopting the system will be recognized worldwide.

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