Islamabad’s Lotus Lake Now Open for Families

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has restored the once-famous Lotus Lake as a tourist spot in Shakarparian.

The CDA Chairperson, Amir Ali Ahmed, and other officials inaugurated Shakarparian’s Family Park earlier this week, and the lake is now open for visitors.

The CDA announced this news in a press release, stating that it was for the first time since 2009 that the authority had constructed a family park. It added that only families will be allowed into the park.


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The CDA considered and maintained the natural beauty of the surroundings while constructing the park and the lake.

“The park has been constructed without disturbing the terrain of the site. Stones and wood have been used to make sitting places in the park. To maintain the natural beauty of the park, the CDA has planted saplings and grass,” the press release added.


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The presser stated that Family Park and Lotus Lake will provide the best tourism facilities to visitors.

Established in 1970, the artificial lake was closed for the public in 2006 during the construction of the cultural complex. However, the CDA has now reconstructed it on public demand.

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  • It’s an important announcement and shall be supported with surrounding pictures of before,during and after.Any how,good job and maintain the natural surroundings as well.Endemic flowering plants and buls should also be incorporated with their Punjabi,Urdu Latin and English names please

    • bhai woh asal main, ProPK ne jahan se article copy paste kia tha wahan pictures nahi theen. Tu inko jitna mila inhone utna chaap dia… :-)

    • It is the duty of all citizens to be courageous enough to haul up those who are seen littering public places. Others who are around in that area should also provide moral and physical support to the person who stops dirty people instead of keeping quiet.

  • Woh that is a very good news my teen age days n romance silence natural beauty stillness singing every thing will come back love that spot oh God my childhood days I still remember some stones n trees I used to sit on

  • Mr chairman sb many dancing fountain which was installed few year ago at Kashmir chok and 7evnu near d Zoo and many others are closed without any reason and its beauty of our capital plz try and consider

  • I don’t know if these public comments review by CDA chairman. I also advise to chairman not to further waste time on F9 park space and must build kind of theme park like Karachi Aladin park with different Rides, water fiesta activities in summer for families and keep some days to single. If not consider our request then we will send to PM citizens portal. Kind request to plz do something for Islamabad/Rawalpindi public and you can earn lot of money thru tickets. Thank you

  • Today I visited the lake. It’s total disappointment. Nothing is developed there except a mud pool. The road to lake is itself not good.

  • It’s not developed yet still under construction… Propk should research before adding an article. Today went there with family and alot of other families were there as well due to your article… Uter disappointment

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