Local Startup Introduces Cardiac Stents at a Fraction of Current Market Price

N-ovative Health Technologies (NHT), a healthcare startup based in NUST Islamabad, is all set to commercially launch indigenously manufactured cardiac stents this month.

According to details, these stents will be widely available in local hospitals at one-fourth of the price of their imported competitors and will help the country to save Rs. 8 billion on its import bill.


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Some of the features of the NHT-developed cardiac stent include low recoil, superior cobalt-chromium alloy, optimum crossing profile and crush resistance, and excellent biocompatibility.

In an official statement, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) NHT, Dr. Murtaza Ali, said:

This nationally ground-breaking initiative by NHT aims to make healthcare more affordable for patients as local manufacturing of high-quality medical equipment will be beneficial for the entire healthcare industry.


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On 16th October, Prime Minister Imran Khan had formally inaugurated Pakistan’s first indigenous cardiac stent manufacturing facility at NUST.

With that, Pakistan became the 18th country worldwide to manufacture cardiac stents. Pakistan also became the 2nd Muslim state after Turkey and the 2nd South Asian country after India to locally produce cardiac stents.

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