Google is Rolling Out an Instagram-like Newsfeed

To help people find local tourist attractions, delicacies, and important events in a more efficient and fun way, Google is rolling out a Facebook and Instagram-like news feed for Google Maps. The newsfeed is designed to let users know what is happening in their area with the information contributed by locals.

This will include recommendations of local spots, reviews from Google’s Local Guides, and photos of dishes from their favorite restaurants. If users decide to follow local businesses on the navigation application, they will get notifications for the updates they post such as new takeaway and delivery options.

Google Maps gets a community feed with local content and reviews - SlashGear

The new feature can be found in the ‘Explore’ tab of the application. Users can customize the posts on the news feed based on their interests. For example, if you are a vegetarian and you like Italian food, you can mark these two and the app will give you options and updates based on your marked interests.

Moreover, the community feed feature will help users plan their trips in a better way. They can use the feature to move around on the map and find contributed information for just about anywhere in the world.

Previously, restaurants and businesses did have an option to post an update on the platform. However, it was only available if you looked up that specific business’ profile. Now, the updates will appear in one place, and one that can be specifically curated to the user.

The feature is currently being rolled out for both Android and iOS users.