YouTube Premiers on Android Get More Features

YouTube Premieres, first launched in 2018, is getting a much-needed upgrade that will help channels and content creators to hype their content more efficiently. For those who don’t know, YouTube Premieres allows content creators to promote their content by creating a landing page where fans and enthusiasts can come and engage with the creator.

Starting today, the Google-backed platform has added three new enhancements to make Premieres more valuable. These are:

Live Direct

Live direct allows content creators to conduct a live stream or a preshow before they release the new video. The preshow automatically directs viewers to the Premiere as soon as it ends. The platform has been testing this new feature with BTS and Cardi B.

YouTube Live Redirect


As the name suggests, trailers are small videos that can be appended to premiers before they go live. These trailers can be anywhere from 15s to 3-minutes long. Their main purpose is to encourage people to set a reminder and tune in for the actual video.

Custom Countdown

Last but not least is a custom countdown that allows creators to set a custom countdown for their Premiere while adding additional theming options. This will ensure that the countdown matches the style of the new video.

YouTube Countdown

These new features come after Google’s announcement that there has been an 85 percent increase in the number of daily Premieres since March 1st, mainly because the pandemic is forcing a lot of events to be conducted online. The new Premieres features will be available starting today.