FIR Registered Against Students for Obscene Party [Video]

An owner and manager of a ski resort and hotel in Malam Jabba were arrested and booked on the pretext of promoting ‘vulgarity’ and ‘obscenity’ after a video of university students dancing during an event organized in the hotel went viral on social media.

According to details, the Frontier Tower ski resort and hotel in Malam Jabba had organized a Harvest Festival Pakistan from 3 and 6 December 2020.


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Malam Jabba police registered an FIR and launched an inquiry into the matter after a video from the event started doing rounds on social media lately.

While both the owner and manager have been charged with violating Coronavirus SOPs, using loudspeakers, and promoting vulgarity and obscenity, around 40 unidentified university students have been nominated in the FIR as well.

The unidentified suspects have been booked under Section 294 (annoying others by singing, dancing, or uttering obscene songs, ballads or words in a public place) of the Pakistan Penal Code and Section 33 (punishment for failing to comply with federal or provincial government’s orders) of the National Disaster Management Act, 2010.


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They have also been charged with Section 3 and 4 of the West Pakistan Regulation and Control of Loud Speakers and Sound Amplifiers Ordinance, 1965.

Note that both the hotel owner and manager were released earlier today after submitting bail bonds of Rs. 40,000 each.

  • WTF! sab ko maar dalo, kisi ko na jeenay do.

    yeh bachay khush kiun hain. nach kiun rahay hain. in ka future tabah kar do, in ka naam FIR main daal do. shabash!

    Paksitan ka tourisum aisi FIRs sy hi barhaay ga.

  • udher, Model Town ki videos theen. un py kuch nae hua, jin main logoun ky mu py goliyan mareen police ny, per nae, in bachoun py FIR do, yeh nach kiun rahay hain.


  • LOL…. This has got to be the worst joke ever. Sure, there should be an FIR for violating corona SOPs but “vulgarity”? seriously? It’s not like they were partying in a bazaar, they were partying in a resort. Police should focus on their job instead of this.

    • Ye kaghaz tishu bananay waloon ke university hai jahan merit sirf paisa hai, ye students therky aur maghroor hotay hain, baap ke najaiz kamai per mauj masti karkay burger kay burger rahtay hain, inki zindagi ka maqsad mulk say bahir jana hota hai, ye mulk aur awam ko kaghaz tishu ke tarhaan samajhtay hain

      • You clearly have no idea about LUMS , no wonder you never made it there because you don’t believe in reading or researching , you only believe in making sick remarks and promoting stupid stuff

        • Seems like I WAS right, you ARE one of these mummy daddy bachay. Sorry to break it to you but not everyone has got ULTRA RICH parents to afford these elite class colleges for their children. Also, what you have accomplished by going into LUMS, you are also on the Propakistani and we non-LUMSians are also on Propakistani so what is the difference between you “ULTRA INTELLIGENT” LUMSian and the “stupid/dunce” people like us?

        • Jitna mujhay pata hai utna shayed kisi ko pata ho, lums main jo juch hota hai wo sirf greek frats ya sororities main hota hai, ye humari pehchan nahi hai, agar nachna tha tu kathak nach karlaytay sober to lagtay, kalay bal sunehray karkay aur lambi dariaan rakh kar ghulami zahniat nazar aati hai itna kharcha karnay kay bawajood

  • FiR….for dancing… this country u can rape babies and leave their bodies to rot in garbage bins….in this country u can gang rape a mother and her daughter all night and get a muk maka certificate from the police….in this country u can sodomize hundreds of kids and then thrash them if they try to accuse u…in the police station of all places….u can shoot pregnant women flush in the jaw on national tv and….thats right…no FIR! U can lynch a man publically and avoid punishment…and be caught on tape running over an on duty policeman in your jeep and get away with it. Now they want to register an FIR for dancing at a resort? Get real Pakistan! Sharam sey dub maro. Its not even a banana republic…its a mockery of Jinnahs Pakistan. Where is Rao Anwar? Where are baldia town killers? Sahiwal killers….10 rapes a day is it? Who killed Osama? Whst happened at Muuch? Where is Abid Ali? Did Ali Imran really rape all the little girls on his own? Why dont the hazara bury their dead? Yeah…lets put the lums students in jail…that will take care of justice….where is nawas shareef by the way? How much are the london flats worth? Why not swing on rana sana’s handlebars and ask shahid khaqan how he made Air Blue out of nothing at all….or ask Asif’s son Ballu ke papa kyun badnam hue?

    • Bro, all these are valid concerns you discussed above but that doesn’t make the dance parties a right thing.

      If you make the effort to study Islamic socio-cultural thought and perspective, you too will see that our culture abhors such acts and considers them indecent.

      Now, whether it is right or wrong of our culture to do that, I am not one to judge. I have merely uttered a statement of fact.

      If they really have to play out their sick fantasies, do it in your homes or other private place such as a club. No one should object to that.

      But to do something which is undesirable, indecent and abhorred in our culture and is perceived to have a morally corrupting influence in a public place is condemnable. And just not a good idea if you think about it.

      Let’s finish this with an example:
      Let me ask you something, Do you go to a private place upon the call of nature or do you make a show of it?

  • Looks more like fitness session . Did not see any dance moves there . Can there be FIR against fitness. Also there was no covid in December in Pakistan. Bogus FIRs

  • This is the most non vulgar party ever.

    If this is the standard then the police should arrest most of Pakistan for weddings and mehandis!

  • What was the Police and the administration was dong on 3 & 6 December and they now suddenly wake up and registered a FIR and then released the owner & manage on a meager surety bond of Rs. 40,000

  • Ye tissue paper bananay waloon ke university hai jahan merit sirf paisa hai, ye students therky aur maghroor hotay hain, baap ke haram kamai per mauj masti karkay burger kay burger rahtay hain, inki zindagi ka maqsad mulk say bahir jana hota hai, ye mulk aur awam ko tissue paper ke tarhaan samajhtay hain

  • One would take it as vulgarity if they r taught some religious values of Islam, otherwise it’s just some fun activity for releiving your stress instead of praying and seeking help from Allah. Yet again, not everyone is religious and do not bother about what is forbidden.
    Tourism mean going to and exploring new places and whatever that place has to offer. It does not require to offer what tourists want. If a tourist does not like the place he visited he can say goodbye to that place forever but the place should not change its roots or base just to atttact that tourist.
    We, being an Islamic country, should promote Islamic teachings and promote tourism within the limits of Islamic teachings.

      • Granted that there are some grammatical mistakes in Farhan’s comment, but I seem to comprehend the message just fine.

        You seem to be one of those who don’t have the courage to listen and consider viewpoints other than one’s own.

  • With All due respect where is vulgarity in the video there was more vulgarity and nudity in P T I’s dharna in Islamabad youngsters will be youngsters stop being hypocrites

    • One thing I find remarkable is that those who have self-esteem and a concept of decency can see the vulgarity. To all else it is invisible.

      Be reasonable. I am not a hardliner. I too believe in individualism and individual rights and liberty. But man, you got to be accomodative. You got to be sensitive to other peoples values and beliefs in public. Whatever surrounding you’re in, you got to respect the socio-cultural thought of the people there (in public that is).

      In private, you can do whatever you please. No one should object to that.

      That is reasonable liberalism.

      Youngsters will be youngsters? Does that mean they have a clean chit to do whatever occurs in their sick minds. Do they have a divine mandate or what?

      Fun-fact: small children exhibit more violent tendencies than adults. Plus younger people have markedly less self-restraint. Till age 21 the fore-brain undergoes development and it is the part which is responsible for self-control.

  • Excellent job, LUMs walo, wonderful,
    Only sick people can’t enjoy their life.
    Koi bat nhi FIR to log Manto k khilaf bhi ktwaty thay. Don’t worry, carry on the spirit of life.

  • In parhe likhe jaahilo nai Corona SOPs ko L pe rakha hua tha…. Although vulgarity and obsenity waali koi baat nai hai videos mai but bohat acha hua inke saath. Saath saath organizers and participants ko bhi pakarna chahiye… Idhr loag mar rahe hain or yeh pagal khulli party. Acha hi hua inke saath.

    Or yeh jo jalle kukre pseudo liberals rape aur ajeeb fazool baato ki taraf ja rahe hain unse banda pooche k bhai idhr kidhr kr rahe ho yeh baat, isse topic se koi lain dain nahi us sab gand ka.

  • Issue is you have to follow the laws and regulations of the place you are visiting. Otherwise this will happen in every vase.
    You cannot do this even in the city in your own house in western countries. Or arab countries then why you are getting offended from the action of LEAs

  • Es video me kuch Galt nhi ha I don’t know logo ki mentality ku etni gir gai h mtlb khush na hony do kisi ko b m not from lums but it’s my dream to studied there but anyhow if lums expensive h tu it doesn’t mean ke waha WO log jty jinki earning najiz ha ajeeb souch h .Lums ka aik level ha wha naliq bacha be bhj do tu kuch bn k niklta h jbk k bqi most of universities me especially in govt universities naliq bacha naliq hi rhta ha WO sirf degree lny jta h.So apni such change kry.

  • WTF is wrong with dancing? They are just having a good time at a tourist resort. Why can’t everyone mind thier own business?

  • Jo kaam dhakey chupey hota hy unhon nay khul k kar Liya tu jurm ho gya. Wah wah wah. Saturday night Lahore or Islamabad k hotels may kia hota hy kia kisi ko pta nai. Aiwin bas drama aur kuch nai.

    • Wah wah, buht ache. Kia logic hai.

      No intention to offend but I must say that this is probably one of the stupidest things I have ever read.

      It is like saying:
      Jo kaam toilet men hota hai agar sab koi khule me aa kr kren toh jurm ho gia.

      That’s what you are saying. Obviously many are going to be offended and rightly so, if you relieve the call of nature in public and make a show of it.

  • Whats there about obscenities.
    I don’t find anything wrong in youngsters just enjoying themselves and having a good time.
    Let’s grow up

    • I am really not saying k ye appriciate kiye jaany wala kaam hai ya ye glt nai tha.. lekin aap bs mnaa kr dein.. Warn kr dein..
      Aisy e chlta ra to kaisy tourism brhy ga Pakistan mein.. 😐

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