Deposits of Meezan Bank and Bank Al- Habib Cross Rs. 1 Trillion

Meezan Bank, and Bank Al- Habib have crossed the deposits mark of Rs. 1 trillion. These banks are the sixth and seventh banks in the banking industry that have achieved this milestone recently.

According to their financial reports, the deposits of the Meezan Bank stood at Rs. 1.09 trillion by end of the third quarter of 2020, while Bank Al Habib’s deposits stood at Rs. 1.08 trillion by the end of the same period.

The two banks are the emerging names in the banking industry, with consistent growth observed in their profits, assets base, deposits values, and branches for the last couple of years.

Previously Allied Bank Limited, United Bank Limited, Habib Bank Limited, National Bank Limited, and MCB Bank achieved this milestone during the last few years. These leading banks constitute around Rs. 10 trillion of the deposit value in the banking industry.


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According to the State Bank of Pakistan, the banking industry’s deposits have reached an all-time high of Rs. 17 trillion.

The deposits of the banking sector have registered healthy growth consistently despite low saving rates on various accounts and products offered by commercial banks.

In 2020, total deposits jumped 17 percent, registering the highest growth in four years. The deposits of the banking sector were expected to decline as people were assumed to utilize their savings during tough financial circumstances owing to the pandemic.

However, banking deposits grew in 2020 as people preferred to save their money due to sluggish economic activity in the country and worldwide.

The deposits of the banks witnessed tremendous growth in the last two months. This growth is due to the handsome inflows of remittances from overseas Pakistanis coming through Roshan Digital Accounts.

“It is expected that the deposits will grow in the range of 12-14 percent during 2021 due to next waves of COVID-19,” Topline Securities, a brokerage house, said in its report.

Meezan Bank Vs Bank Al-Habib

The two banks are in close competition with each other on various benchmarks.

Bank Al-Habib stood ahead of Meezan Bank with assets of Rs. 1.56 trillion, compared to Meezan Bank’s assets of Rs. 1.32 trillion.

Its branch network consists of 844 offices with 804 branches, 36 branches, and 4 representative offices in foreign countries. Meezan Bank is operating with a branch network of 802 across the country.


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Meezan Bank, being a leading Islamic Bank, led in terms of profitability. It made a handsome profit of Rs. 18 billion in the three quarters of 2020 compared with Bank Al- Habib, which recorded a profit of over Rs. 13 billion in the same period.

The deposits of Meezan Bank are slightly higher than Bank Al- Habib. The two banks are focusing on expanding their branch network, mainly in commercial areas of the big cities, and improving the quality of their services, including the incorporation of technology in their systems.

  • Bank Al Habib might be a good bank as I have account with them. Draw back to open and manage deposits into this bank is “THEY DONT OFFER ONLINE BANKING THROUGH THEIR DEBIT CARDS ” Which is really a drawback. Bank Al Habib Should think to use their debit cards for online purchases

  • Bank al habib services are far better than meezan, only missing area is online banking. They really need to work hard in this area..

  • Bank Al habib old versiion rather than meezan bank but meezan bank prove his out standing growth and stability in a short last 3 years meezan speedly captured the market in every sector as will as Islam visiion and profitable products, rather then bank al habib conventional products and banking near future islamic bank grow up fast and conventional bank grow down fastly.

  • My experience with Bahl is very good. Their staff/Officers and management dealing with customers is outstanding.

  • Dear All one-day come to bank of punjab then will know whose service is best …. Inshallah in future bop will become the best bank in the country….

  • I saw Meezan Bank is offering great services and they also have an updated infrastructure in terms of online Banking and many other Services. They don’t offer conventional Banking Services that are the reason for good growth but some of their services are still questionable like residual value and consumer loans have to be mended more to a more Islamic pattern.

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