Indoor Air is 2-5 Times More Hazardous Than Outdoor Air: Report

Indoor air can be 2 to 5 times more hazardous than outdoor air and contain PM2.5 ultrafine particles, allergens, bacteria, and harmful gases.

According to a report by Philips ASEAN Pacific, adverse indoor air quality can have detrimental consequences for human health.


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The report notes that acute respiratory infections resulting from poor indoor quality account for 40 million cases and 28,000 deaths in Pakistan annually.

Nicholas Lee, Personal Health Leader at the Philips ASEAN Pacific and the report’s author, has said that environmental protection organizations have always focused on controlling the quality of outdoor air and paid little attention to indoor air quality.


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While external air quality is not within our control, we can certainly protect ourselves and our loved ones when it comes to indoor air quality, be it in homes, offices, schools, and other indoor environments, Lee noted.

He called on the environmental protection organizations to address the quality of both indoor and outdoor air as a large proportion of the world’s population spends most of their time indoors every day.

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