Android 12 Will Let You Share Wi-Fi Passwords With Nearby Devices Automatically

Android 12 is still a few months away but we are starting to get bits and pieces of information regarding what to expect from the upcoming version of the OS.

One of the new features that we might see is sharing nearby Wi-Fi passwords more seamlessly. This new neat feature will solve one of the worst “first-world problem” we have.

Currently, smartphone users that have Android 10 or above installed can share Wi-Fi passwords using the generated QR code. However, reportedly, there will be no need to do that in Android 12. The password sharing will be integrated into the Nearby Share feature, allowing users to seamlessly send it to trusted devices.

Even though it is not clear yet, we believe that for Nearby Share to work, both devices have to be on Android 12. However, we are unsure of what protocol Google will follow.

In other news, Android 12 will also come with a feature dubbed “Hibernation”. As the name suggests it will reduce the size of apps not being used. It is speculated that Android will seamlessly compress the apps that are not in use to save space (along with the usual cache clearing). These apps could later be uncompressed when needed.

We’ll hear about more features of Android 12 as we see developer previews launch in the upcoming months.