Govt Officially Begins Hajj 2021 Scheme

The government of Pakistan has floated tenders for banks to submit applications to the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony to collect the Hajj dues. As per the regulations, the interested banks must have at least 250 branches across Pakistan in addition to online services at the tehsil level.

The Hajj scheme is expected to commence from Karachi, Lahore, and Quetta. The individuals who intend to perform pilgrimage this year will have to deposit their Hajj dues at the certified bank branches before the payment deadline.

The banks that intend to collect the dues from the aspirant pilgrims have been notified to submit their applications by 12 February 2021.


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The regulations state that the controlling branch of each bank is to establish a ‘Hajj Cell’ comprising three officials, and that their credentials are to be shared promptly with the Ministry of Religious Affairs within seven days of the selection.

When selected, each bank will commence the collection process with immediate effect and will receive the payments as per the installment plans regulated under the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

The secured payments from selected aspirants will be stored in Sharia-compliant remunerative accounts, while the payments from the aspirants on the waiting list will be placed in Sharia-based PLS accounts.


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The government will strictly monitor the authorized banks during the process of payments. As per the regulations, all the banks are directed to regularly log the data of the unsuccessful applicants at the ministry’s website to determine the diminishing balance.

Each bank will also be required to access the ministry’s website through a VPN, the charges for which will be paid, in principle, to the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB).

To avail of the benefits, pilgrimage aspirants are advised to apply for the government’s Hajj scheme. According to the official handout, the COVID-19 vaccinations and standard facilities for pilgrims are included in the package this year.

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