PTA is Planning to Make Off-Net Calls Even Cheaper

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has hinted at making off-net calls even cheaper by reviewing the Mobile Termination Rate (MTR).

According to official documents, the MTR plays a critical role in protecting smaller players and automatically rationalizing retail tariffs, particularly for off-net calls. The changing market structure of the cellular mobile segment in Pakistan has necessitated a review of the existing MTR at the rate of 90 paisas per minute.


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The MTR is the amount that the receiving operator must charge when a call is made to another network. An MTR of 90 paisas per minute was determined in 2010 and no operator could charge less than it.

Following in-depth deliberations, the PTA has reduced the MTR for all types of calls (local, long-distance, and international incoming) terminated on mobile networks from other mobile networks or fixed networks from 90 paisas to 80 paisas from 1 January 2019; the rate was reduced further to 70 paisas in 2020.

Due to the prevalent industry dynamics, there was a call by mobile operators for a reduction in the MTR, and the PTA had accordingly asked all the stakeholders for their input for a revision.


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Subsequently, the MTR will be reviewed in the coming years in accordance with international best practices. It is expected that the revised MTR will help to keep tariffs low for consumers and relieve them of high rates.

The documents also revealed that the PTA regularly checks and verifies whether Cellular Mobile Operators (CMOs) are charging their consumer’s retail tariffs according to the advertised rates.

    500 TO 1000 MIN OFFNET CALL

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  • Backward pakistani people and illiterate and corrupt PTA must learn from their neighbor county which is so called Kafir and which is so called backward India. There is no any game of on net and off net call in India America and other developed countries . Once you have purchased any calling bundle then you can avail calling to any network with no limitations of off net minutes. You can call any number any network with provided free minutes. But low standard pakistani awaam is not coming out of weird Ufone’s world. Just learn from your enemy . So called pakistani Muslims

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  • Pakistan should learn from India which gave Jio their national company data license. This keeps jobs and future investments in their country. LTE technology meant they didn’t need to provide voice connectivity separately and data prices also are very low. 2 GB is daily data limit. You will never find such package in Pakistan.

    • Bro You are absolutely right , but there are few backward people in Pakistan who do not understand it, you can read comment by jahil Pervaiz MA

  • In the UK you get unlimited call package which include landlines and mobiles for 10 pounds. This means on any network at anytime.

  • Absolutely its correct that MTR in Pakistan is highest in the region and even at global level. Telecom operators never let PTA to reduce said rates; primarily to get benefit from grey traffic or smuggled traffic to avoid taxes & tarrifs. Low call termination rates provide less lucrativeness to CMTOs for smuggled traffic. PTA should lower down to less than 30 paisa. BUT CMTOs will MANIPULATE PTA to keep MTR fixed at 60 paisa for next year.

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  • I think, only in Asia especially Afghanistan, India and Pakistan the mobile is excessively misused. We need very expensive calls rates if longer than five minutes and very expensive mobile data to avoid the misuse of internet and ganta package. These stuffs are destroying our youth. We need, quality of education, health and jobs opportunities. Ganta package and Facebook, and online gamings are killing our youngsters potential. For God charge longer than five minutes calls at least RS. 10/min. More than 5gb RS 2K

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