CAA Exposes Network Involved in Fake Pilot License Scandal

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has busted a network, consisting of employees of license branch, allegedly involved in fake pilots’ licenses scandal.

According to details, the CAA employees used to receive millions of rupees from each pilot and allowed another person to appear in the CAA licensing exams, including commercial/airline transport pilot license (CPL/ATPL).


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CAA sources have disclosed that the authority has acquired remand of some of the license branch employees while the scope of the investigation will be expanded after registering an FIR against the involved employees.

Last month, CAA decided to outsource licensing exams of pilots to the United Kingdom’s Aviation Authority as part of the measures taken to allay concerns of the global aviation industry on the issue of alleged fake licenses of Pakistani pilots.

All CAA licensing exams, CPL/ATPL, remain suspended since June last year after Aviation Minister, Ghulam Sarwar Khan, on the floor of the National Assembly, while presenting the preliminary findings of the PK-8303 crash, revealed that most PIA pilots possessed fake licenses.


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After this startling revelation, European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), had suspended PIA’s authorization to operate in European Union member countries for six months.

Towards the end of December last year, EASA refused to allow PIA to resume its flight operations to and from European countries and extended the ban for another three months.

    • Better to admit fault and fix it rather then hiding it and face serious consequences in future.

    • Ask the CAA guys who let another person appear for an exam. These are the true jokers. Why is it that everytime a crime syndicate gets busted, Nihari league comes to the rescue?

  • Bravo to IK Strategies to clean and protect *PAKISTAN FROM DIRTY MAFIAS** in Every Ministries Divisions and ATHOURITIES. Persons OR Parties who appose these *Good Reforms Put Them on the Small Planes with these Dirty Pilots to Throw them all FROM THE SKYES??.

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