Dr. Faisal Reveals Which Groups Will Not be Vaccinated With Chinese Vaccine

While the countrywide Coronavirus vaccination campaign was kicked off earlier this week after receiving 0.5 million doses of China’s Sinopharm, the vaccine is unsuitable and not recommended for people less than 18 and above 60 years. It is also not recommended for pregnant and lactating women.

According to SAPM on Health, Dr. Faisal Sultan, Sinopharm’s vaccine will not be administered to the abovementioned population groups.


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Dr. Faisal said that all these groups will be vaccinated with Oxford-AstraZeneca’s vaccine, AZD1222, which is suitable for all age groups.

He added that Pakistan has secured 17 million doses of AstraZeneca’s Coronavirus vaccine through GAVI, 7 million of which will reach the country later this month.

Sinopharm’s vaccine is also unsuitable for COVID-19 patients with a previous history of serious chronic diseases or disorders and individuals allergic to any component (active, excipients) of the vaccine, said Dr. Faisal.

The Health Ministry has also directed healthcare authorities to postpone the vaccine administration process of individuals having a fever.


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Dr. Faisal further stated that some people may also experience harmless side-effects of Sinopharm’s COVID-19 vaccine including mild fever and body aches.

However, citizens should not worry because it is a normal occurrence and these symptoms will alleviate in a few hours, said Dr. Faisal, adding that it shows the vaccine is actually working.