News of Indian FIR Against Greta Thunberg Has Twitter in Fits

Delhi Police in India has reportedly filed an FIR against the world-famous activist Greta Thunberg, who pledged support for farmers protesting against the Indian government.

A shocker report has quoted the Delhi Police station saying that the environmental activist is “brewing an overseas conspiracy and an attempt to promote enmity between groups”.


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Despite the obvious retort from the Indian media, Greta stood her ground.

This is how Delhi police responded:

Adding fuel to the fire, Greta went a few steps further and re-posted a “toolkit” for people on how to show support for the farmers.

People resorted to Twitter of course, and the reaction is extraordinary, to say the least.

First things first: we must conform to realism when uncertainty looms.

The Khalistan movement in India seeks to split off a portion to create a a place that’s for the Sikhs, by the Sikhs, and off the Sikhs. In pure English, the label translates to “land of the pure”. The following remark by a rumored protestor is also pure.

Bollywood fans were also quick to the follow-up:

A few realists pitched in, and with valid reason:

Someone took the liberty of setting up an online poll to predict the winner of this “geo-strategic rope-pulling”. Who’d win?

Enthusiasts of current affairs and politics voiced their opinions on the matter as well.

Global superstar Rihanna also hit a few rounds against the farmers’ protest in India.

Despite public outcry, the Indian government only managed to ignore the singer.


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A few sensible ones welcomed Greta’s purview and lauded her support for the Indian farmers.

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