Govt to Reform Power Sector Under New Energy Policy

As per the official handout, the government has begun proceedings for the decentralization of the country’s fledgling power sector under the premium National Electricity Policy 2021.

A detailed draft of the new policy suggests new reforms for the energy distribution grid and its connected generation plants as per the emerging socio-economic constraints.

The policy’s draft detailed that the public utility’s existing infrastructure is outdated and that the cost for supporting it is inapplicable, based on which the government plans to explore better options under a separate project.


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On the subject of the national grid’s reliance on imported fuel, the draft recommends the immediate utilization of local variants and mentioned Thar coal from Sindh as a viable option.

For, load shedding, the policy directed the provincial governments to guarantee the swift recovery of utility bills and to prevent the stealing of electricity.

From an overall perspective, the draft policy also mentions guiding principles for developing subservient frameworks that will eventually steer the country’s power division towards identified goals.


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In principle, the draft for the National Electricity Policy was constituted to address prior regional policies and aging regulatory frameworks. It was compiled after a series of recurring consultations with the concerned stakeholders.

The government is awaiting updates from relevant federal and provincial divisions before the decision to implement the new policy is finalized.