PTCL’s Flash Fiber Promises Solution to Heightened Broadband Demands

The need to stay connected in a world that is separated from any form of physical and social contact surpasses any other in the current times. While the internet is a facility that is always valuable, it has now become a lifeline that bridges the gap between us, our employment, the people near us, and most parts of our reality.

However, those among us who do not have the privilege to enjoy seamless internet connection are facing the true pain of being confined to their homes. With an increase in demand for a smooth internet connection, fiber internet seems to be the ultimate hero for fast and speedy fiber broadband services.

Broadband fiber-optics use optical fibers to carry information at the speed of light. What affects the data speed is the way these little pulses of light are encoded at one end and decoded at the other end.

Quite recently, PTCL launched its Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) service called Flash Fiber, which is the fastest internet in town as of yet, and delivers data to the customers with a blazing speed of up to 100Mbps.

Unlike other internet and television service providers, this company’s cutting-edge technology of Flash Fiber allows users to have access to unlimited downloads with a reliable and affordable service.

With a glamorous fresh look and branding that goes under the name of ‘PTCL Flash Fiber’, this service allows multiple features such as triple-play service with no additional cost, free smart TV service with 130+ live channels, pause and forward feature, video on demand feature, along with free calls to similar connections of 2 million telephone users all around the country and unlimited downloading at a speed that is free of glitches.

To find out the availability of this technology in your area and choose between the available packages, click here.

Over the past decade, PTCL has developed itself as the most widely used and accessible network all around the country, providing it with a strong backbone and giving it the standard of a national carrier.

To meet the high internet demands of individuals and communities while maintaining certain levels of quality, fiber broadband connectivity seems like a promising solution that will bridge the digital divide we now face.

    • Don’t knock it… I live in New York and yes we can get a max of 1Gbps connection but it costs at least $80 a month. If PTCL is able to offer 100Mbps with unlimited downloads at an affordable price in Pakistan, then that is a great development.

  • They, like all the other Fiber ISPs, have also just covered posh areas only. where People already had fiber option from plethora of other operators. so nothing changes for people who actually live in densely populated areas.

  • Only few areas of Lahore has FTTH which is not good.PTCL should aggressively make plan to extend coverage in other areas

  • Chalo ji ,ptcl cannot resolve a single landline complain for three years and now they are committing for flas fiber ,what a joke man,there consumer end is so pathetic ,same old tech the lineman tech hahaha

  • My pkg was 10mbs… They reduced my pkg to 6mbps… They give a shameful reason, “ky apka line 10mbps supported nhe hai” such a shame for us… And if u have upto 25 mbps they upstream will be the same i.e. 1mbps, which is not enough for livestream or upload anything on YouTube or any platform….👎

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