University of Loralai’s Self-Sustainability Model is an Example for Others to Follow

University of Loralai (UoL) in Balochistan has become an example for all major public universities in the country that continue to grapple with a strained financial situation.

Founded in 2012, UoL is the only public university in the country that is free from a financial crisis because the institute manages its finances under an immaculate strategy.


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Besides, UoL has a unique identity as people from all spheres of life are involved at all levels in the institute.

UoL has also employed highly qualified faculty and established state-of-the-art research facilities to enable national-level research and development.

On the other hand, universities like Peshawar University, Punjab University, University of Turbat, Balochistan University, Bahadur Khan Women’s University Quetta, Balochistan University of Information Technology, and Engineering and Management Sciences BUITEMS are facing financial deficits in billions.


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During a recent interview, Vice Chancellor UoL, Dr. Maqsood Ahmed, said that despite being located in a remote area, the institute is financially self-sustainable and depends little on HEC for funding.

Dr. Maqsood urged HEC to increase the funding of all public universities in the country to enable them to come out of the financial crisis.