Huge Glacier Breaks Spreading Fears Among Kaghan Valley Locals [Video]

A video of a glacier slipping off of a mountain in the Kaghan Valley has gone viral on various online platforms.

As per reports, although no damage to life or property has been observed so far, the splinters of ice are moving rapidly towards the roads and dwellings nearby.


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Here is the video by BBC:

The video was originally made by locals as they watched the glacier slip through a deep crevice leading towards the Kaghan Highway.

Consequently, the flow of traffic in the area has been disrupted for the time being, and the supply channel has been notified to reroute it in case of an emergency.


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As temperatures begin to rise due to irregular shifts in the weather conditions, the glaciers in the high altitude mountain ranges are prone to melting, breaking, and slipping down towards populated areas.

The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is currently devising plans to readjust services in case of an emergency.