Construction of Karachi’s Red Line BRT Service Route to Commence this Month

Authorities in Karachi have announced that the construction of the Red Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service route will begin this month. The decision was finalized by the Karachi Commissioner’s Office, following a meeting that included discussions regarding Karachi’s transport sector.

As per a media report, the project has been approved with a development budget of Rs. 7 billion. It will be a two-corridor project that will start from Malir Halt. The first corridor will be from Malir Halt to the Numaish area, and the second will be from Numaish to Tower.


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The commissioner has approved the construction of the first corridor, which spans to 27-kilometers. The route has 16 stations, namely, Malir Halt, Model Colony, Safoora Goth, King Cottages, Met Office, NED University, Safari Park, Nipa, Urdu University, Masjid Baitul Mukarram, Civic Centre, Askari Park, Dawood University, Society Office, and finally Numaish.

According to the report, the commissioner added that the district administration is doing its best to restore public transport to facilitate the public with comfortable, reliable, and pocket-friendly means of public transportation.


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It bears mentioning, however, that the public is still awaiting the initiation of the greenline bus service in the city, the launch of which is long overdue. Also, the government had restored the circular railway project a few weeks ago, but the service seems to be struggling with managing its expenses due to a low number of users.

For a long time now, Karachi’s public transport sector has become somewhat of a problem child due to the alleged negligence of the authorities. The government seems eager to redeem the sector and is making considerable efforts in that direction but it needs focused efforts instead of throwing more money at the problem.

  • It should have been done 20 years back, but as PPP is continuously ruling Sindh & Karachi with large scale corruption, nothing done for Karachi, they destroyed the infrastructure of city. Pushed back the city one century back.

    • I agreed, living this city since1955 what the Karachi in 60’s & 70’s and now it turn in ruins
      It look like dustbin now

  • Everyone in authorities makes us only fools since couple of years. If you have any sympathy for karachities so please let the complete Green BRT, then think about any other projects. Don’t makes us fool because we all have better understanding of your conspiracies.

  • Green line chalae nahi gae . Ab chalain hain 2 new BRT chalain . i think green line say commission anay kay chance rahay nah.i new projext higa nae siray say new commission tay hoga . Idea theak hay kamanay ka . Good ..

  • I request of government of Pakistan please start to bus employees every day problem please kindly project completed request every government sector

  • There is no need to construct such bus cooridors as Govt is and will never be in position to provide sufficient busses through it resources. It is better to provide elivated express way for light traffic to ease load on existing Roads. Secondly it should start from Landhi.

  • There should be a bus terminal for Malir Cantt at Check post no 6 or check post no 5, and follow the 7 university road from check post no 5
    It will also facilitate the subsequent connection of the BRT with Bahria town and DHA in case that happens

  • The PPP government, since it came into power in Sindh, has destroyed the infrastructure of the entire province specially that of Karachi. We, the Karachites, have been living in ruins. I strongly feel that Moenjodaro ruins are far better then Karachi ruins. Atleast, one may breathe there without dirt.
    We cannot change the fate of the city until and unless we get rid of the moneyhungry rulers

  • گزشتہ پانچ سال سے سرجانی سے نمائش تک روڈ کے دونوں اطراف رہنے والے لاکھوں خاندان اور کروڑوں مسافر جو اس روڈ پر سفر کرتے ہیں انتہائ اذیت ناک زندگی گھروں میں اور روڈ پر ہونے کی صورت میں روڈ پر اس سے بھی گھٹیا اور بدترین ماحول میں زندگی بسر کرہے ہیں اور سفر کر رہے ہیں اب ملیر سے صفورا اور صفورا سے نمائش کے زندگی کے روز مرہ انسانوں کے لئے نا قابل قبول ہونگیں
    گرین لائن تو وفاق اور صوبہ ایک دوسرے کو ٹوپی پہنا کر ماموں بنا رہے ہیں لیکن اورنج لائن تو صوبے کی ہے اب ریڈ لائن بھی
    اللہ کراچی والوں کے حال پر رحم کرے

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