Federal Directorate of Education Revises Promotion Criteria for School Students

The Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) has introduced new criteria for students seeking promotion to the next class.

According to the official notification, students from class 1 to 9 must obtain a minimum of 40% marks and 75% class attendance in each subject in order to receive a promotion to the next class.


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The notification adds that students will not be promoted to the next class in case they fail more than two subjects.

However, students failing two or fewer subjects will only be promoted to the next class if they secure a minimum of 40% marks in the remaining subjects.

The FDE has further divided the subject combination for promotion of failed students from classes 5 to 9 into two categories; I and II.

The former requires the students failing English along with any other subject to secure a minimum of 40% marks for promotion while the latter bounds the students to obtain a minimum of 15% marks in all other failed subjects.


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A spokesperson for FDE has said that the new criteria will come into effect immediately in 424 institutions in FDE’s jurisdiction. In this regard, the heads of the institutions of all the FDE-listed institutions and Area Education Officers (AEO) have been notified as well.

  • Absolute BS. Why are they putting this law into immediate effect? If they were going to impose a condition of 75% attendance then they should’ve informed at the start of the academic year. Why are they informing 3 months before exams?

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