Wahyd Does a Tech Makeover of Logistics in Pakistan

Globally, the logistics market was valued at US$9.6 trillion in 2018, according to research and consulting firm Armstrong & Associates Inc. 43% of total logistics costs globally were for trucking. With a population exceeding 210 million, Pakistan is the 6th most populous nation in the world and the logistics sector of Pakistan has been vital for its development with logistics contributing 22 percent to the services GDP of Pakistan.

Although the logistics market in Pakistan is huge, it is lacking in technology, compared to the rest of the world. Corporate logistics functions have struggled to adopt technology in Pakistan due to transparency issues, high costs, lack of trust, and manual efforts required. However, Wahyd Logistics is changing this by digitalizing this industry for accessibility, ease, and tracking in Pakistan.

Digital adoption rose significantly in Pakistan with the arrival of 3G, 4G networks, and smartphones. The transportation sector made major strides with the entrance of Uber and Careem. A marketplace was introduced that connected passengers with drivers and empowered the general population to manage their personal transportation needs.

Wahyd Logistics brings technology into the logistics and trucking business to make goods transportation easy, simple, transparent, and cost-effective so that organizations can focus on their core businesses, without having to worry about their logistics and transportation.

Technology-Based Logistics

Wahyd Logistics is a part of Wahyd Group Inc., a U.S. corporation. It entered the Pakistani market to cater to the challenges being faced by end-users, particularly the corporate and SME segments.

Wahyd Logistics offers a comprehensive mobile app as well as a web-based platform that offers visibility, flexibility, live-tracking, and an ever-ready technical support team to help businesses with their logistical needs.

Home-Grown Technology

Wahyd Logistics has invested heavily in technology and has an in-house Research and Development team that has developed this platform based on market needs and requirements. One recent example of tech innovation is its voice order feature that allows customers, who are not comfortable with written language, to place orders as voice messages.

During its interactions, with both prospective and current customers, Wahyd Logistics found that voice messaging (as provided by WhatsApp and other OTT platforms) has been for many a huge boon. It allows people to communicate timely and easily. Using this feedback, Wahyd Logistics integrated a voice ordering feature into its app and has seen immediate success with it.

Bridging the Gap between the Old and the New

Wahyd Logistics realizes that the logistics industry is yet to undergo a digital revolution. Respecting this reality, Wahyd offers call center services that bridge the gap between old and new users. The customers who are unable to fully transform to a true mobile experience and need a helping hand, can place orders via Wahyd Logistics call centers. The call center not only assists customers but is also available to assist truckers and transporters with their queries.

Serving in Diverse Industries

With our network spread across Pakistan, Wahyd Logistics offers a broad range of supply chain solutions to various industries. Since its inception, Wahyd Logistics has onboarded large customers from the coal, steel, appliances, packaging, and textile industry.

Wahyd Logistics

Wahyd Logistics is successfully providing flexible logistics solutions as per customers’ needs and is helping them sustain and grow their businesses by providing more visibility, cost-optimization, and operational efficiency.

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