Peshawar High Court Bans TikTok Due to ‘Immoral Content’

The popular video-sharing app, TikTok, has been banned by Peshawar High Court over ‘immoral content’. Peshawar High Court Chief Justice Qaiser Rashid Khan stated that the ban won’t be removed until the deplorable content is removed.

The PTA Director General told the court that he contacted the TikTok management to get the immoral content removed but his request was left unattended. In lieu of the given situation, the top court in Peshawar remarked that the app should remain blocked till the authorities respond.


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A man had initially filed a petition in the high court on September 8, 2020, saying that he approached the court after the PTA and other institutions failed to take notice of the “immoral and objectionable” content that was being shown on the app.

He said that such activities are leading the country’s youth astray, adding that suicide cases are on the rise too. The PTA and PEMRA were named respondents in the petition, according to an official handout.


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The government had previously banned TikTok in October last year for its “obscene and immoral” content. The PTA said that it had issued a final notice to the app and gave considerable time to respond and develop and an effective mechanism for ‘proactive moderation of unlawful online content.’

TikTok has regularly failed to fully comply with the PTA’s instructions as of late, and a permanent ban on the app is not entirely out of question at this point.

  • They even don’t know what to do. Ban and unban laga rkha hai kion ek cheez yehan stable nae.

  • Is there no office in Pakistan for Tiktok.
    Can the people not just report the video/ User on the app and have it removed?

  • how about banning Pak. shut down Pak. Judges have time for such issues but they dont hear public cases which have piled up into lacs now.

    • The lawyer mafia in this country is too strong even for the supreme court it seems. Lawyers don’t want cases to be dismissed as it is in their personal interest that the case lingers on as much as possible. And after they have milked the complainant fully, they convince complainants to go for out of court settlements and get the case dismissed. That’s why all civil cases go for 10 years or so.

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