Leyjao Has Marketplace Sellers’ Best Interests in Mind

In the course of a few years, Leyjao has grown from a fledgling online marketplace to one of the most valuable and trusted e-commerce companies in recent times. Launched in 2018, hosting products from more than 2000 sellers, Pakistan’s homegrown online marketplace attracts about 50 thousand unique visitors a month.

Is Leyjao helping small businesses succeed?

The short answer: It is. At a time when the country was fighting the Covid-19 crisis, the company provided support to local shopkeepers, who used the e-commerce platform to sell essential and non-essential items and minimized exposure to the virus.

Just this week, Leyjao announced a seller meet-up aimed at welcoming sellers on board and discussing Leyjao FBL. According to the company, Leyjao wants to see small businesses thriving like never before. The company’s nationwide fulfillment stores, picks, packs, and ships orders, freeing up small sellers to focus on developing their core competencies.

We are working to help small sellers harness the power of online sales and reach new customers,” says Seller Relationship Manager of Leyjao.

Pros of selling on the Leyjao marketplace

The company has provided a hassle-free process for new sellers to get started and become successful. After a merchant is approved to sell on the marketplace it can take as few as a couple of days to get up and running.

  • No initial setup fees

Different marketplaces charge monthly account fees to listing individual items. However, Leyjao only charges a monthly commission.

  • A wider customer base

The biggest challenge sellers face is attracting relevant audiences to their websites. But joining forces with Leyjao as an independent third-party seller, you gain access to the one million-plus customers who visit This gives your products unprecedented exposure which otherwise is difficult to achieve.

  • Lower competition

The Leyjao marketplace, though evolving, still lags behind Daraz which has well over 2 million sellers. Therefore, competing at Leyjao for a product space is still easier than Daraz.

  • Seamless transactions

One of the reasons why customers abandon their carts is because their preferred payment option was not available. Leyjao ensures visitors experience faster page checkouts through secure, multiple payment options i.e. debit, credit, and alternative payment methods.  Moreover, Leyjao extends the same ease to online sellers as well where payment is released to merchants residing in Lahore within four days.

If local sellers are not already strategizing about how to sell online, they will struggle to stay relevant in the modern age of convenient online shopping. Leyjao has presented itself as a great alternative for independent brand labels to reach new customers that wouldn’t have been able to reach in the past.


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