Sindh Govt Tells Health Workers to Get Vaccinated or Lose Their Jobs

Sindh health workers refusing to get coronavirus vaccine jabs have been told to decide between vaccination and their job.

Sindh Health Minister, Dr. Azra Pechuho, issued the warning on Thursday, saying that the number of health workers who registered for vaccines is significantly less than the total number of registered health workers in the province.


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“So far, 142,315 healthcare workers have registered themselves for vaccination, but there are 33,356 workers who have yet to register themselves,” Dr. Pechuho said in a statement.

The minister contended that the healthcare workers might be avoiding the vaccine because of “fake news” and “disinformation surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine.

Dr. Azra Pechuho said that she was administered the same vaccine and found no major side effects.


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The minister feared that the health workers who have not got their vaccine jab could infect others because they have been in contact with suspected coronavirus patients since the pandemic hit Pakistan.

“They will not be allowed to endanger the lives of others,” she added.