PSO Wants You to #DriveTheChange with its Hi-Octane 97 Euro 5 Fuel

Just a few months into its launch, PSO’s Hi-Octane 97 Euro 5 has already become Pakistan’s favorite fuel of car lovers across the country sharing their experiences of enhanced car performance, driving pleasure, engine longevity, fuel economy, and more.

Since the cars of today are designed for increased fuel economy and reduced carbon emissions, they can only achieve that when paired with the right fuel. PSO, being the trailblazer of fuel transformation in Pakistan, offers just the right kind of fuel for your car to perform well and run greater miles.

PSO Hi-Octane 97 Euro 5 reduces harmful vehicle emissions, which lessens the impact on our environment, thus benefitting the entire ecosystem. Hence, it is helping to increase the cleanliness and greenery of our beloved homeland, Pakistan!

Drivers across Pakistan are full of praise for PSO Hi-Octane 97 Euro 5 and famed celebrities are also becoming part of the #DriveTheChange campaign, sharing their delight, satisfaction, and trust in the quality of the fuel. Some of them include Zara Noor and Feroze Khan.

PSO has recently accelerated its #DriveTheChange campaign which prompts the audience to switch to PSO Hi-Octane 97 Euro 5 standard fuel as it improves engine performance, reduces vehicle emissions, and helps in creating a cleaner and greener environment for our future generations.

Many popular bloggers in the country are also spreading the word about the fuel, calling it the best partner for their vehicles. They’re also talking about the many ways in which PSO Hi-Octane 97 Euro 5 ensure your car’s health and the reasons as to why one should switch immediately, if not using it already.

PSO introduced Hi-Octane 97 Euro 5 in August 2020 in continuation of its efforts to transform the local fuels landscape. The new fuel is helping to reduce the negative impact on the environment through a reduction in Sulphur by a staggering 98%, and Benzene by a huge 80%. This results in significantly reduced harmful vehicle emissions and improved engine performance.

With PSO Hi-Octane 97 Euro 5 – Drive the Change!

  • It depends whats model and specs of your car. High Octane is not all good news, some cars run better on low octane. Just for a reference you can visit following site, choose high / low octane (which is Octane-95 Vs Octane-91 in Saudia), select your car specs and see which fuel runs better for you.
    You can visit this site and get a reference for your car’s best fuel.

  • Well I have used this type of fuel while I was abroad. I am happy that our government took a leap towards better environmental initiatives tor the people of Pakistan. The product is very good and low emission with very low corbon. Good results. Thank you Imran Khan.

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