Former MD PLL Makes a Shocking Claim About PTI Govt

The former Managing Director (MD) of the PLL, Adnan Gilani, stated that he was shocked to see the inquiry report of the Ministry of Petroleum, a national daily reported.

He made these comments on a national TV program and said that he would review agreements and payments every two or three months in a bid to avoid mistakes.

Gilani added that upon getting to know in October and November 2018 that the port charges could have different interpretations, he informed Pakistan State Oil (PSO), and was told that a thorough investigation had been conducted at the time.


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He said that he had taken the decision to save Pakistan’s money and had passed an order in July while he was removed by the ministry in August.

He also alleged that the PTI government had not imported gas in 2018 and that he had saved the government through emergency rescheduling.

The former MD went on to state that the Ministry of Petroleum had not set up a terminal or pipeline during the last three years, adding that the gas resources were being depleted and that it was feared that a repeat of what had transpired in 2015 would occur.


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He claimed that despite being aware of everything, the ministry had refrained from taking any action and that he had issued timely tenders and had averted the gas crisis in 2019.

Gilani stated that he had been placed on the ECL without any charges and that there had been no matter of corruption. “We made the right interpretation of the agreement, which wasn’t done by the PSO,” he said.

He also revealed that the incumbent PTI government had wanted him to speak against the former rulers but that he had maintained that he could not lie about anyone.