After Zara Naeem, More Pakistani ACCA Students Score Highest Marks in the World

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) has announced the results of its latest examinations that were held in March, and three students from Pakistan are on the list of its global prizewinners.

After the recent international successes of Pakistani students like Zara Naeem Dar and Muhammad Abdullah, it is heartening to see the youth vying for the top spots in education and highlighting Pakistan globally as a hub for world-class talent in Accountancy and Finance.


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“Whilst COVID-19 continues to be the greatest challenge of our time, our students have made tremendous strides in their ACCA journeys in this latest exam session. We’re particularly proud of the fact that ACCA students from Pakistan are consistently making the country proud with their excellent exam performance. We’ll continue to nurture the dreams of our youth by offering them global platforms and exciting career opportunities”, said the Head of ACCA Pakistan, Sajjeed Aslam.

Considered a gold standard in Accountancy, the ACCA Qualification rigorously tests the skills, abilities, and competencies that a modern-day business professional needs, with a firm grounding in ethics and professionalism. It also prepares students for a rewarding global career as qualified finance professionals.

Here are Pakistan’s ACCA global prizewinners from March 2021:

Kahaf Moid

Kahaf Moid from Karachi scored the highest marks in Audit and Assurance, once again proving that women are the bright future of Pakistan. Kahaf’s father is a telecom engineer in Dubai and her mother resides in Pakistan with her. Kahaf said,

My mother was unable to continue her education after matriculation, so she is doing everything she can to see her daughter realize her full potential and become a source of pride for the family.

Kahaf was a Science major and recently did her A-Level in Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Due to her extraordinary performance in her A-Level, she was awarded a full scholarship by her college in Karachi.

Global recognition, flexibility, and affordability are some of the reasons that led Kahaf to choose ACCA. She explained, “I was also impressed by the idea that while pursuing ACCA you also have the option to earn a BSc. from Oxford Brookes and an MSc. from the University of London. It’s the best combination one can ask for”.

After ACCA, Kahaf wants to represent Pakistan on various international forums and work with global organizations. She also wants to correct the outdated perception about Pakistani women for being backward and restricted.

“We’re not the ones with our wings clipped; we’re already flying high and making a difference. Pakistani women are the future global leaders and it’s just about the time that the world will see it for themselves”, she remarked.

Fakiha Maqsood

Fakiha Maqsood from Faisalabad is a global topper and scored the highest marks in Advanced Taxation. She also scored the highest marks by any student in Pakistan in the Strategic Business Reporting examination.

Faikha had topped Punjab in her A-Level examinations, and after completing both her O and A Levels in Pakistan, she went to the UK to enroll at the City University of London for a BSc Hons. in Accounting and Finance, where she stood second in the entire batch. She was previously a national position holder in the ACCA’s Financial Management examination.

She said,

My father is also a professional accountant and it’s his integrity, discipline and composure that made me choose accountancy as a career for myself. Having studied in the UK, I knew the global recognition of the ACCA and the limitless opportunities that this qualification offers. And that’s why I enrolled myself in the ACCA soon after returning to Pakistan.

After ACCA, Faikha wants to play a part in the modernization of the textile sector in Faisalabad. Drawing on her global expertise and future-focused insights acquired in ACCA, she wants to help the sector prepare for the future and revive its global standing as the world’s biggest exporting city by embracing digitization and innovation.

Ali Shan

Ali Shan, who is also from Karachi, has scored the highest marks in the Financial Reporting examination.

Ali is the eldest son in a family of five and wants to do something big for both himself and the people around him. His father works in Marketing and his mother is a school teacher. He started his ACCA after completing Intermediate in Commerce with an A-1 grade.

He said,

I’ve always been fascinated by numbers and enjoy being analytical. So, Accounting was a natural choice for me. I want to change how businesses operate in the country and would like to play my role in promoting innovation and ethics at the workplace. As a country, we’ve been left behind because we’ve unfortunately normalized unethical practices and discourage new way of doing things. Using my knowledge gained in ACCA, I will be a catalyst for change in the corporate sector.


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With 227,000 members and 544,000 future members based in 176 countries, the ACCA is recognized as a global passport to building an international career with leading brands across the globe.

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