Hong Kong Bans Flight From Pakistan

Hong Kong has decided to suspend commercial passenger flights from Pakistan, India, and the Philippines.

According to details, the ban will come into effect on 20 April and will remain enforced for two weeks.


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Once the ban comes into effect, anyone who has spent more than two hours in these three countries will not be allowed to enter Hong Kong. Whereas, people already in isolation after returning from these countries will be required to take an additional COVID-19 diagnostic test on the 26th day of quarantine.

Hong Kong’s ban on travelers from these three countries will adversely impact airline operators such as Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong Airlines, Vistara, and Cebu Pacific.


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Pakistan, India, and the Philippines have been classified as “extremely high risk” after several cases of the highly infectious strain of Coronavirus-N501Y- were imported from these countries to Hong Kong in the past 14 days.

On Sunday, Hong Kong reported 30 new cases of Coronavirus, 29 of which were imported. Overall, Hong Kong has recorded over 11,684 cases and 209 deaths from Coronavirus.