Proton Celebrates Its First Milestone in Pakistan

It is always a strong marketing tactic to tell the people how well a company is doing in terms of sales volume in a particular market, especially if the sales volume is impressive. Morris Garages (MG) Pakistan began this trend back in January of publically announcing the celebration of having sold 1000 units of their SUVs in Faisalabad.

Proton Pakistan has decided to follow in MG’s footsteps and has posted a celebratory photo of their own on social media, congratulating themselves on selling 1000 units in Lahore. Whether it’s only the X70 SUV or the Saga sedas, it is certainly a major milestone for Proton.


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The company officially made its debut in the Pakistani market back in December of 2020, by launching the X70 SUV. However, the X70 hasn’t quite been seen as commonly on the roads as some of the other SUVs in the market such as KIA Sportage, MG HS, and Hyundai Tucson, despite being a cheap, yet solid contender.

Reports do suggest that the Pakistani market is going to experience a sudden outburst of X70’s popularity once the SUV actually starts making it onto the roads.

Reports from a reliable Malaysian automotive news website suggest that Proton is struggling to keep up with the demand of the SUV in Pakistan, adding that the waiting list for booking of the SUV is 6 to 9 months long since all the CBU units of the SUV have been snapped up from the market.


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The Saga sedan is also still a hot topic of discussion among car buyers, several weeks after its launch, as it is a subcompact sedan that proposes a great value to those looking for a subcompact family sedan.

Proton’s 1000 unit mark has come slightly later than expected, probably due to challenges in the demand and supply of the X70 SUV. However, now that the local assembly of the vehicles is set to begin soon, and with the popularity of the Saga on the rise along with the general increase in the demand for cars in Pakistan as of late, the only direction that Proton’s sales can go from here is up.

  • Correction janab, Saga is not a C Cegment car. It’s A segment. C segment sedans are Civic and Corolla.

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