Samsung Launches Jet Bot AI Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Yesterday, Samsung unveiled its AI-powered Bespoke Jet Bot Robot Vacuum cleaner in Korea. Building upon the design of currently available robot cleaners, the new vacuum features enhanced capabilities for object recognition and adopts artificial intelligence (AI) technology for better mapping of the house and maneuvering.


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Design and Construction

Unlike other vacuum cleaners, the Samsung Bespoke Jet Bot does not come with a disc-like design. It has a triangular base that houses all the sensors including the LiDAR sensor and the ‘Active Stereo Camera’ type 3D sensor for mapping the area and recognizing different objects.

Samsung Bespoke Jet Bot AI Robot Vacuum

The mounting station is smaller than what we see with other robot vacuums. The vacuum cleaner comes in five colors: Misty White, Satin Pink, Satin Blue, Soft Greenery, and Soft Sun Yellow.

Samsung Bespoke Jet Bot AI Robot Vacuum

Object Recognition

According to Samsung, the Bespoke Jet Bot AI is capable of recognizing objects at the highest level and this is possible by pre-learning over 1 million images based on deep learning. It is capable of distinguishing several household appliances and furniture such as TVs, air conditioners, refrigerators, beds, sofas, and others. The interesting part is that it can recognize smaller objects like pet poop, socks, electric wires, and glass cups as well.

Samsung Bespoke Jet Bot AI Robot Vacuum

The cleaner comes with Intel’s AI solution known as Intel Movidius known for providing advanced object recognition. It also packs an ‘Active Stereo Camera’ type 3D sensor that can detect all obstacles from a distance of 1cm and more. In addition to this, the Bespoke Jet Bot is equipped with two cameras that not only recognize space and objects in 3D but also shoot additional pattern beams for sophisticated obstacle detection and spatial recognition.

Furthermore, the device is equipped with LiDAR sensors designed for self-driving cars. The combination of LiDAR, dual-cameras, Active Stereo camera, and Intel’s AI solution, allows the vacuum to select and run optimal routes according to the characteristics of space. It can also detect surrounding features in three dimensions at a distance of up to 1m and up to 60 degrees left and right.


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Other features

The new Samsung robot cleaner comes with support for voice commands. You can even ask it to perform minimal cleaning tasks using voice prompts such as “Clean around the TV.” The vacuum will automatically detect the floor type after recognizing the area and will clean accordingly.

A very unique feature of the Bespoke Jet Bot AI is that it can also act as a pet monitor. Samsung has partnered with Ajinyangi, a pet-focused company, and has added 20 different songs that can be played at random for your pets. The vacuum is designed to detect abnormal signs or behaviors such as bad barking or not moving for a long time and notify the user.

Pricing and Availability

Samsung Bespoke Jet Bot AI Robot Vacuum Cleaner is currently available for pre-order in Korea at a $1433 price tag. There is no indication if this robot vacuum will be available outside South Korea.