All About the New ‘Eidi Milni Chahiye’ Trend

Admit it or not, the one thing that keeps us excited for every Eid is the prospect of getting Eidi from our elders on the special day. No matter how old we get, there is a certain charm in getting, collecting, and then counting your Eidi. But when we grow up, the tables turn and we are no longer standing at the receiving end.

Eidi Milni Chahiye: The Right to Get Eidi

Dananeer Mobeen, the famous party girl (read: pawri girl) of Pakistan posted a very relatable video on her Instagram story on Chaand Raat where she asks her mom for her Eidi but instead gets turned down as she is a grown-up now.

The cute story was quick to grab the attention of her fans and followers who have at least once been in the same situation. To protest her right to get Eidi, Dananeer then took it to another level as she posted a very catchy Eidi Milni Chahiye song.

Just like her Pawri Horahi Hai song that took social media by storm, the Eidi Milni Chahiye groove was soon picked up by celebrities, influencers, and TikTokers alike. The digital creators molded the song into their own video version of Eidi Milni Chahiye as they expressed their disappointment by being in the same scenario.

Not long after that, the Ultra Legend (as his profile name suggests) Nasir Khan Jan, who adds a spark of humor in every video he creates just by being in it, fashioned his best version of Eidi Milni Chahiye.

This catchy groovy mix that has every influencer’s ears banging with its beat was done by the very own popular musician Shuja Haider. Not only did these videos make our lockdown during Eid twice as enjoyable, but also started a trend that everyone could jump on to create their own versions with their friends and family.

However, the trend was not just a groovy mix that we could all jam to, as the renowned Junaid Akram later explained in his very informative video about Eidi Milni Chahiye. It is a great initiative by none other than Bykea, who are set on introducing trends that make our life easier and better. Here is all you need to know about how Bykea is creating beneficial options to make our daily life smoother:

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