Apple Has Major Upgrades Planned for Mac Pro and Mac Mini

After launching its M1 chipset last year, Apple is now working on expanding its silicon portfolio to power up its future devices.

Bloomberg reports that the company is developing a smaller version of the Mac Pro and a higher-end Mac mini. The Mac Pro will be available in two versions, one with a 20-core chipset, while the other will boast a 40-core SoC. Their GPUs will have either 64 or 128 cores. Codenamed 2C-Die and 4C-Die, the new Mac Pros will adopt 16 and 32 high-performance cores respectively and the power-efficient cores will be dedicated to low-power workloads.

As far as the Mac mini is concerned, the device is expected to offer a significant upgrade. It will most likely come with a 10-core CPU and either 32 or 64 GPU cores. It will support up to 64GB of RAM. Moreover, Apple will add two more ports on top of the existing two in the chassis.

Bloomberg further claims that the high-end Mac mini project is still in its early stages and could be pushed back or scrapped altogether so don’t get your hopes up. In addition to this, Apple’s plan of updating its larger iMac with an Apple Silicon is in the pipeline as well but no details have surfaced so far.


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