Changan Shows Off Uni T’s Self-Driving Skills on Pakistani Roads [Video]

A couple of weeks ago, Master Changan Motors made an announcement on their social media, hinting that they will be putting their autonomous driving tech to the test on the roads of Pakistan.

In that announcement, Changan said that it will put its self-driving technology up against the three of the most formidable elements of Pakistan’s roads including the tricky road network, rush-hour traffic, and drowsy drivers.


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In the latest video clip released by Changan, its latest vehicle – the Uni T – can be seen showing off its autonomous driving features. In a brief clip, the vehicle can be seen displaying its capability to self-park and autonomously exit from a parking space, as well as other features such as lane-keep assist, adaptive cruise control, and autonomous braking.

The Uni T is one of the most advanced modern petrol-powered SUVs on the global market at the moment. As claimed by the automaker itself, Changan’s new SUV, the Uni T, is equipped with an AI-chip-based intelligent vehicle system that features numerous technical features, including level-3 autonomous driving capability.

Aside from the video, Changan has remained silent about its future plans for the Pakistani market. The automaker is yet to make an announcement on the launch of Uni T in Pakistan.


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However, given the company’s deliberate efforts in marketing itself as the standard-bearer of the automotive technology in the Pakistani market, the prospects certainly seem promising for the company and car lovers.