This Youngest Aerospace Engineer is an Inspiration for Every Girl in Pakistan

Aruba Afridi, a 23-year-old girl, is Pakistan’s youngest aerospace engineer. She has achieved this feat by beating all gender and class stereotypes. She could have achieved this feat earlier, but financial constraints held her back.

Right after completing her intermediate, Aruba joined a private company, Hawk Aviation Services. To become a certified aerospace engineer, she had to clear exams that cost around Rs. 25,000-30,000 per paper. As a Pakistan Steel Mills employee, money was scarce for her father, but he still encouraged her to keep trying.


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However, working with Hawks Aviation, she made enough money to get certified in five years. Since 2019 this young woman has been ensuring safe flights with routine maintenance on 19-seater or smaller planes. Her job is to inspect the body, engine, and entire structure of the aircraft to ensure it’s safe for flights.

All aircraft must always be inspected before, and after every flight, she shared.


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Given her struggle working her way into a ‘man’s field,’ the young professional encourages other parents to not let gender bias hold their children back. She was inspired by two men, her father, and brother, to join the field.

However, she took her family’s affiliation with affiliated with engineering and found her calling. She went from a little girl playing with electronic devices and helping her father repair home appliances to working on flying machines.