NHA Approves Construction Contract for N-5 Highway and Flyovers

The Executive Board of the National Highway Authority (NHA) has approved the award of works for the construction of the Lodhran-Multan Section and the construction of two flyovers at railway crossings to M/s NXCC-NCC-MS JV (Joint Venture of M/s Ningxia Communication Construction Co, Ltd – Nauman Construction Company Ltd – Muhammad Sajjad (Pvt) Ltd.) at Rs. 6.886 billion.

The meeting of the NHA’s Executive Board was held with the NHA Chairman, Captain (Retd.) Muhammad Khurram Agha, in the chair. The board deliberated on the award of the construction of the Lodhran–Multan Section (North Bound 62 km) of the N-5 and the construction of two flyovers at Railway Crossing on the Lodhran Bypass.


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The NHA Executive Board approved the award of works for the lowest evaluated bidder M/s NXCC-NCC-MS JV at its evaluated bid price of Rs. 6.886 billion, which is 26.03 percent below the engineer’s estimate of Rs. 9.308 billion.

The NHA Executive Board also approved the award of works for the widening and strengthening of the National Highway N-70 (Rakhi GajjBewata) (the East-West Road Improvement Project), Package-II: From km 19+500 to km 32+650 (GoP/PSDP Funded) to M/s KAC-UCC JV (a Joint Venture of M/s Khattak Allied Construction Co. and M/s Ugalco Construction Co. – Joint Venture) at their evaluated bid price of Rs. 1.11 billion, which is 27.06 percent below the engineer’s estimate of Rs. 1.521 billion.

The board approved the award of the Operations, Management & Maintenance (OM&M) contract of the Mansehra Toll Plaza (N-35) to M/s Safdar Wasim Shafait & Brothers at his quoted bid to Rs. 4.9 million per month, which is 4.83 percent above last year’s revenue for the fiscal year 2019-20 until the period ending 30 June 2022, w.e.f the date of commencement.


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The NHA Executive Board annulled the procurement process regarding the hiring of the services of the Structure Expert in the Road Assets Management Directorate (RAMD) for the design review of bridges/allied structures on the NHA network, and directed to re-advertise and initiate fresh procurement.

The board recommended the federalization of the ‘main Astore Valley Road (Thallichi, Diamer to Shounter, Astore Section) for the approval of the National Highway Council and subsequent approval by the federal Cabinet. The Board also directed the NHA to take up the case with the Government of Azad Jammu and Kashmir to obtain the NOC for the federalization of the remaining portion of the road from Kel to Muzaffarabad.

The NHA Executive Board recommended the ‘PC-I for construction of Balkasar – Mianwali Road (119 km)’ at a cost of Rs. 55.726 billion for approval of the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC).