Vegetable Vendor Arrested for Selling at Low Prices

Raiwind police in Lahore reportedly arrested a shopkeeper for selling vegetables well below the official rate list.

The case was registered under the Price Control Acts 1958 and 1977 at the Raiwind City Police Station on the directions of Special Magistrate Chaudhry Kashif Bashir.


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The police registered a First Information Report (FIR) against the shopkeeper, pending further inquiry as per the directions of the concerned police department.

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The FIR states that the shopkeeper had been selling okra (bhindi) for Rs. 73 a kg instead of Rs. 95 a kg, tomatoes (tamatar) for Rs. 25 a kg instead of Rs. 50 a kg, eggplants (baingan) for Rs. 52 a kg instead of Rs. 60 a kg, bitter melons (karailay) for Rs. 52 a kg instead of Rs. 90 a kg, and onions (piaz) at Rs. 33 a kg instead of Rs. 40 a kg.

It also mentions that the shopkeeper had not displayed the state-mandated price list for vegetables.


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The shopkeeper had been arrested on 15 June but was released on bail the next day under the orders of a local court. Meanwhile, authorities have withdrawn all magisterial powers from Chaudhry Kashif Bashir, for delegating proceedings against the accused.

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