Faisalabad International Airport Gets A New Air Traffic Control Complex

A new Air Traffic Control (ATC) complex at Faisalabad International Airport was made operational last week.

The new complex is part of the project to upgrade and modernize Faisalabad Airport for the world’s largest twinjet Boeing 777 and wide-body airliner Boeing 747 operations.


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The project took six months and was completed at a cost of Rs. 40 million. The complex is equipped with the latest technology as per international standards, and as of 15 July, the tower is now officially running after satisfactory testing of all its operational facilities by the authorities.

According to the authorities, the ATC, Operational Safety Section (OPS), Aircraft Communication (Com), Meteorological Services for Air Navigation (MET), and Emigration Check Required (ECR) services have been shifted to the new ATC building.


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The relatively shorter old ATC caused difficulties for controllers in controlling the planes at the airport. However, the new ATC complex has been established on the top of the terminal building of Faisalabad International Airport, and the new tower is at a height of 120 feet for improved control of air traffic.