99% of Teachers Fail Sindh’s Junior Teacher Recruitment Test

Not even one percent of the candidates of the junior teachers’ recruitment test conducted in Sindh earlier this month was able to pass it.

The Sukkur IBA Testing Service conducted the test in collaboration with the provincial government to recruit 46,500 teachers, but only 1,250 of the 162,000 candidates got through.

The former Minister for Education Saeed Ghani revealed that the School Education Department had received 500,000 applications for the recruitment of 46,500 primary school teachers, junior elementary school teachers, SLTs, and other staff members.

Sindh’s Minister for Education and Culture Syed Sardar Ali Shah was reportedly disappointed with the results. It is now expected that the provincial government will announce a new policy to hire 46,000 teachers instead after the majority of the candidates failed the recruitment test.

  • why in only Sindh you may check in all Pakistan the result will be same.
    Targeting only Sindh looks prejudice. The P M also failed in implementing
    his promises with Pakistani Nations, All promises proved FALSE. and result
    100% Fail in every field of life, also made the public life miserable.

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