ZEISS Excellence Brought to You by vivo in X70 Pro

The smartphone camera has evolved over the past few years and completely changed the dynamic of the industry.


More and more people rely on their smartphones to capture their precious moments or to create or record content, which has further increased the dependence on mobile devices in the creative aspect.

vivo, being one of the leading smartphone brands, is duly invested in enabling smartphone users’ creativity and becoming a reliable go-to brand for their creative needs.

Therefore, with 80 percent of its research and development team invested in innovating and experimenting with newer technologies, vivo believes in understanding the challenges and needs of its customers to change the smartphone photography game.

This year vivo is on its spree to make the mobile imaging experience even more exciting with the introduction of the X series.

The high-end and the most premium series of the vivo portfolio is meant to redefine professional photography by providing professional-grade camera technologies.


The X series represents vivo’s commitment and dedication to building the best mobile photography ecosystem in the industry.

This is best demonstrated by its most recent partnership with ZEISS, a leading legendary optics manufacturer, to co-engineer the imaging system of its flagship smartphones.

Having identified the evolving needs of smartphone users who use photography as a daily means to capture memories or enable their creativity, mobile devices needed to catch up with the latest requirements of their lifestyle.

vivo, in collaboration with ZEISS, embarked on a journey to revolutionize everyday photography and make top-notch technologies accessible to them.

In fact, ZEISS is known for its high-quality lenses and is a brand preferred by photography and camera aficionados, therefore, the X series is positioned to be the most high-end photography series specially designed and approved by the iconic ZEISS standards to deliver professional-grade results.

As per the rumors, X70 Pro is the latest second-generation smartphone to get introduced in the coming few days.


Continuing its legacy of innovation, vivo, in collaboration with ZEISS, is bringing the X70 Pro with many advanced features and offerings to solve the various pain points of professional photography.

The most common ones are accidental shakes and noise in low-light photography. While photography in low light often leads to noisy and overexposed images, shaking leads to blurry outcomes.

Therefore, with its upcoming X70 Pro, vivo has managed to combine the best of ZEISS’s optical technology with vivo’s imaging capabilities to produce a killer smartphone.

vivo understands that mobile imaging is the future. With ZEISS’s expertise in optical technology and vivo’s innovation in imaging, the brand aims to bring a professional, creative, and fun-filled experience to users with its flagship smartphone.

Sources also reveal that vivo’s X70 Pro will showcase two exclusive features that will once again create history in the universe of mobile photography.

The device is said to be equipped with ZEISS-certified features that prove vivo’s commitment to producing classy devices in order to take customer satisfaction to the finest level.


The X70 Pro is expected to feature an Ultra-Sensing Gimbal Camera for better performance in dark environments and faster focusing while clicking pictures.

Allow us to explain the predicted feature in two parts. First, earlier, utilizing the best of the camera setup’s imaging capabilities were far-fetched because of the large sensor and the Gimbal Camera.

With the X70 Pro, vivo has managed to miniaturize the Ultra-Sensing Gimbal Camera via a variety of height reduction techniques and creative designs thanks to the R&D program.

There have been rumors that vivo has customized an exclusive Color Filter Array technique for the sensor that features a more transparent second-generation color filter, making the light intake better.

Second, in simple words, vivo has supposedly upgraded the stabilization capability of the Ultra Sensing Gimbal Camera system.

What is further being suggested is that the X70 Pro will come with a ZEISS T Coating certification standard. But what exactly does that mean?


Market leaks reveal that the T stands for the transmission layer. The coating will enhance the transmission rate of visible light and accurately restore the colors of the photography subject.

The ZEISS T Coating will also significantly improve the camera performance at nighttime, producing clearer and brighter images of real-world scenarios.

With its premium look and feel, the device is second to none and clearly is an exemplary demonstration of vivo’s capacity to develop cutting-edge technologies.

That’s it from our side for now but stay tuned for further sneak peeks and other important details on vivo’s upcoming X70 Pro.



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