Ramiz Raja Wants to Restructure National High Performance Center

According to sources, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman, Ramiz Raja is unhappy with the performance of PCB’s National High-Performance Center (NHPC) and is looking to make major structural changes to the center.

It is reported that Ramiz is not satisfied with the coaches currently working in the NHPC as he believes that they were not appointed on merit. Ramiz is looking to change the entire setup which will result in changes in coaches and other major changes in the structure of the NHPC.

The NHPC has been under scrutiny ever since Ramiz took charge as the chairman of the cricket board. The former head of NHPC, Grant Bradburn, recently resigned from his role as he believed it was the right time to step down and pursue other coaching opportunities. Sources have revealed that Bradburn’s decision to resign was not his own choice but Ramiz had sought his resignation from the role.

Former fast bowling coach at NHPC, Mohammad Zahid, also recently resigned from his role and current fielding coach, Atiq-uz-Zaman, is currently unavailable as he is in England spending time with his family.

Ramiz believes that the NHPC is not functioning properly due to the ill appointments of the coaches and he believes that new coaches should be brought in based on merit to take the NHPC to new heights.