Pakistani IT Company Aims To Digitalize Every Small Business

The question of going digital has moved fast from if to when, especially in the post-Covid world we’re living in. The pandemic has taught us some tough lessons on how not keeping pace with the world can easily turn mere survival into a constant struggle.

Business, among other sectors, has been hit the hardest with many small and medium-sized enterprises still recovering from the pandemic’s damage. For the businesses that made the digital shift in time, however, the impact was much less intense.

Knowing these trends, Pakistan-based IT Company, Eshal Corporation, is working with a goal to make every small business go digital. Eshal Corporation provides digital business solutions to boost the development and growth of local businesses.

The startup began with the idea of founder and CEO Ayan Sheikh to achieve the goal of making every single business to be digital in Pakistan. With the help of teams that are experts in Digital Marketing, Advertising, Digital Branding Solutions, Content Writing, Creative Design Studio, Web & Application Development, and more, Eshal Corporation hopes to deliver quality products and solutions that are not budget-breaking.

“Our vision is to build a community to provide solutions to every small Pakistani business to become digital. There are millions of local businesses that need to digitalize their systems and grow to boost Pakistan’s economy,” says Ayan Sheikh, CEO & Founder of Eshal Corporation.

“I believe we are all set to do this because of the 1st-mover advantage towards this mission, enabled by a team of experts that has the ability to sustain through bootstrapping,” he adds.

The solutions that Eshal Corporation offers are built specifically for the Pakistani market with the eventual goal to provide a complete business solution at one stop. The company is also working towards developing a social community where small businesses can grow and come forward as leading profitable companies in the future.

The company delivers some of the most strategically refined custom digital services that perfectly meet business priorities. Eshal is well-versed in addressing most digital marketing problems, from cloud technology to document processing and to business connectivity, which can help drive the digital journey of any company.

With a belief in supplying its consumers with the best resources to meet their business goals, Eshal Corporation continues to address some of the most challenging business digitalization demands for clients across diverse industries. As they move forward with their mission, their mantra remains the same: great digital services don’t have to be overpriced.