Suzuki Follows Yamaha and Increases its Bike Prices

Following Yamaha’s trail, the Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) has also increased the prices of its motorcycles by up to Rs. 8,000, effective from today (1 December).

The new prices of all the Suzuki motorcycles are:

Model Old Prices (Rs.) Revised Prices (Rs.) Price Increase (Rs.)
GD-110 S 194,000 199,000 5,000
GS-150 210,000 215,000 5,000
GS-150 SE 227,000 232,000 5,000
GR-150 307,000 315,000 8,000


The PSMC has increased the prices of its motorcycles for the fourth time this year and has recorded an increase of up to Rs. 28,000 since the start of the 2021 calendar year. The revised prices are irrespective of improvements in the current products, except for minor cosmetic changes in the GD-110 S.

A few months ago, a senior motorcycle trader told the media that the prices of bikes are increasing due to an increase in the costs of manufacturing, and that the prices of raw materials alone have risen exponentially.

The recent price hikes have put two-wheelers out of the reach of the majority of the public. Although several media outlets have repeatedly highlighted the issue, the government is yet to intervene in the two-wheeler industry to ensure the stability of prices.

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  • Shame on uuuu…. You are doing the same who other did You just increase the price of bike as like other companies but before increasing the price u must check how the every bike comapny change the look and shape of bike…. If u wanna increase price then u must change tge shape of the bike first other wise the resale value of suzuki is alredy down as cmpare to other companies and this step also decrease your value in market because the shape of the bike is same since last 10 years…. Shame on. Uuu

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