Arslan Ash Wins His 3rd Major Tekken Tournament in USA

There is no stopping Arslan Ash and his Tekken career. The Pakistani esports sensation has claimed a major win at the Community Effort Orlando (CEO) fighting game tournament in Florida, USA.

CEO is home to one of the largest fighting game conventions in the world with over 3000 players participating this year for a variety of different fighting games. Tekken 7 attracted more than 450 players from around the world with notable names such as Book, Anakin, Khan, and of course, Arslan Ash himself.

How it Went Down

Ash was up against Anakin in the grand finals with his Zafina while Anakin was on Jack 7. Anakin grabbed the first match with his overpowering slams and rush down gameplay but Ash was not going down easy. He caught Anakin off guard several times with his side step uppercuts and unexpected sweeps that followed up into massive damage.

Ash managed to secure a few wins this way but Anakin responded with even more slams and rush downs. Jack 7’s ginormous hitbox was put to good use, but it wasn’t enough to take down Ash. The last match took it to the Infinite Azure stage and that is where Ash swept the win with one last uppercut to the face.

Check out the grand finale in the video below.

As Arslan says in his tweet, this is another big title under his belt after EVO Japan and USA in 2019.

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  • You didn’t mentioned that 3 players (arslan, farzeen and khan) participated from Pakistan and all three were in Top 8, thats a huge news as well.

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