Teenagers Shoot a Stranger to Make Viral TikTok Video

Never has a generation ever been so obsessed with thrusting into the limelight like gen-z. Easy access to a platform to become an overnight sensation makes matters even worse.

In one such shocking incident, four teenagers killed a random elderly bystander in Karachi in an attempt to make a viral TikTok video.

According to details, the teenage TikTokers riding on two motorcycles fatally shot a man in his mid-50s who was standing outside his house in the Jaffar Tayyar area in Malir last week. Not just this, they also recorded the murder to share with their followers on the social media platform.

Speaking in this regard, SSP Malir, Irfan Bahadur, said that two suspects aged 14 and 15 years have been arrested with the help of CCTV footage while the other two are still on the run. Malir police is also making raids to arrest the other two suspects.

SSP Malir added that the suspects used to make ‘thrilling’ TikTok videos using firearms for ‘fun.’ Initially, the police thought that the man was killed by a stray bullet. However, a CCTV installed outside one of the houses in the area recorded the entire incident, helping the police to connect all the dots.

In the video, the four suspects can be seen going past the man. They return moments later only to fatally shoot him. One of the suspects shot the innocent man straight in the chest while another recorded the murder with a smartphone.

The four suspects fled the scene immediately and left the man bleeding. The man was rushed to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) where he fought for his life overnight before succumbing to the fatal wound the next day.