Jazz Ordered to Stop Misleading the Public With Unfair Marketing of 4G Services

Jazz, the largest cellular network in the country, has been ordered to stop misleading and unfair marketing practices through advertisements where it uses the term “Super 4G” to describe its 4G network.

In a restraining order, a copy of which is available with ProPakistani, Jazz has been directed to stop using words or phrases where “Super” is added as prefix or suffix in its ads on print and electronic media.

With this order in place, Jazz will have to take down its entire set of marketing campaigns where the company terms its 4G mobile network and services as “Super 4G”.

An Intellectual Property Tribunal heard the petition, where an interim order was passed against Jazz.

The tribunal was hearing a petition against Jazz about its advertisements in print and electronic media where it is said to be misleading the masses by calling its 4G network as “Super” 4G.

The petition claimed that phrases like “Super Nahi to 4G nahi” are misleading and must be termed as an unfair marketing practice.

The court has asked Jazz to appear and justify its position and explain why this action should not be treated as misleading and an unfair marketing practice.

  • Nowadays since few months… Jazz Services are very low and poor… call connectivity and signal problem in the Lahore main areas. disappointed…!!!

  • Lo and behold please I am jazz postpaid customer and was paid my bill off Rs.800. Hundred n the successful payment messages was received so 2 months passed that payment was still not to be added in my account. (0321——- 0300——). Lo And behold please… (What is Super) nothing is super..
    1. Poorest internet services
    2. Jazz Cash money withdrawal problems are sustained.
    3. In case of emergency when money must be in hand then jazz Cash never works.
    4. I using my regular sim number in small keypad mobile… Behold… Wrong Data charging was added to my bill for 5 months when i asked OnCall to an appeal submit to court than next month bill was some as it is..
    Enough or more to want to know about Soopers 6 G……

  • In my opinion jazz should be banned if it uses 4G in its advertisments bcz this doesn’t deserve 4G. I hate jazz this network only eats up ur balance and in return it gives u the poorest service

  • Jazz has not Super 4G speed it’s only super and Fastest in its ads in media to make people fools . Shame on Jazz company for looting people in Pakistan

  • Hidden charges, Balance Finished, Unwanted subscription and many more ways to theft the money from people’s pockets from this Jazz or Mobilink Co.. So all these happened due to this unfair Marketing of 4G, This Company continuously deducted my 12 Rs on daily basis with this oh subscription of your side… Listen! People are innocents and you are looting invisibly their Balance without any notice it’s really very cruelty.
    How many Users deceived daily by you and just imagine how much money you get in the name of, Hidden charges, Balance Finished, Unwanted subscription.

  • بھائی صاحب اپنی “انگریزی” تو ٹھیک کریں. اتنی
    چلتی ویب سائٹ پر ایسی غلطیاں؛ کیا کہنے
    Jazz ordered nahi jazz has been ordered likhain headline par.
    جاز ویسے چول ترین نیٹ ورک ہے. چور

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