IG Police Wants to Inspect All Mobile Shops in Islamabad

Inspector General (IG) of police has ordered the inspection of mobile shops in the federal capital.

The decision has been taken to decrease street crimes in Islamabad. According to the circular issued by the IG office on 17 January 2022, all police stations have been instructed to conduct inspections of mobile shops. Each police station should deploy officers to make sure that no illegal trade of mobile phones takes place within the jurisdiction of their territory.

According to an official circular, all police stations have been instructed to make sure that no buying and selling of old mobile phones take place without boxes in any market. No shopkeeper will be allowed to buy second-hand mobile phones without boxes.

It is now compulsory for shopkeepers to take a copy of their Identity Cards while buying old mobile phones. Police stations have been ordered to start crackdowns against violators. The IG office has asked all police stations to submit reports within seven days.