Gaming Addict Kills His Own Family in Lahore

A PUBG Addict in Lahore has killed his own family after being told to stop playing. Police have reported the incident today after solving a murder case of a lady doctor and her three children whose bullet-riddled bodies were found in their house in Gajjumata, Lahore.

The deceased family was discovered on January 19 and the investigation started straight away. The mother was identified as Dr. Naheed Malik (40) and the children included two daughters and a son. These children were Mahnoor (16), Jannat Fatima (8), and Taimur (21).

The police claim that the murderer turned out to be the lady doctor’s own son Zain. The PUBG addict killed his own mother and three siblings after he was told to stop playing the popular battle royale game, the police official said.

A similar incident had happened in Lahore last year in April where a young PUBG addict had killed his brother, sister, sister-in-law, and a friend in Lahore after his family told him not to play the online game. The murderer opened fire at the poor souls after a heated feud over the video game.

  • What nonsense journalism from ProPk, what I heard is the son demanded money for ice addiction and when his mom denied he furiously murdered them all, he use to play pubg but it was his addiction to ice which led this incident

  • This game should be ban from pakistan its just waste of time for childrens and ruining their future

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