WhatsApp Will Put a 2GB Limit on Chat Backups Soon

Google Drive backup on WhatsApp is a highly convenient feature that lets you save years of chat history with a single tap. This makes it quite easy to move to a new smartphone without having to copy everything manually.

Unfortunately, WhatsApp will have to put a limit on these backups soon as pointed out by WABetaInfo. The tech blog discovered the unfortunate information while digging through the source code of WhatApp’s latest beta version.

The strings of code reveal (“Google Drive backup changing”) followed by notifications that will warn you of your backup limits. (“Google Drive almost full”). Once your backup limit is reached, WhatsApp will alert you (“Google Drive limit reached”).

There is no official information on this backup limit, but previous leaks have shown that it might be capped to 2GB only. This is terrible news for all of us with several GBs of data lying around.

The report is likely true since Google has been limiting cloud storage for other services as well. Google Photos recently put a limit on cloud backups and it appears that WhatsApp users will suffer the same fate soon. Google will probably charge money for bigger backups just like Google Photos.

Hence, get ready to spend some cash for Google One subscriptions if you want to save years of WhatsApp chat history.

  • This article or sting doesn’t show that Google has limited backup to 2gb. It’s still unknown how much backup they are gonna provide. So don’t provide such false information.

    • New information is often leaked early before companies officially reveal something. It is quite common in tech news.

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