Govt Announces a 15% Increase in Employees’ Salaries

The Government of Pakistan has decided to give a 15 percent disparity allowance on running basic pay to underprivileged employees from BS 1 to 19.

An official notification released under the subheading of the Finance Division reads that the above package is also recommended to the provinces for adoption from their funds. Moreover, a summary for timescale promotion has been initiated by Finance Division to mitigate the hardships being faced by employees stuck in the same grade for a long time.

The matter of up-gradation of posts on the analogy of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will be decided based on the findings of the study being conducted by MS Wing of Establishment Division by the end of April.

Likewise, the merger of Adhoc Relief/Allowances into pay will be decided on the report of pay and pension commission and will be merged in basic pay as per the agreement.

  • Pakistan is a paradise for Government employees. Army Personals have gotten one 15% raise 2 days ago and then another one now as they are a government employee. So their salary is increased by 30 % in just one month. What we civilians have done that we are suffering in Pakistan. We are here to pay taxes only?. PTI is getting loans and then distributing it in Ehsaas card and government salaries. They just want to win elections and they have nothing to do with the well being of common citizens.

    • For your kind info, it’s not for Military personals, the package is announced for all govt employees except Army

  • Most of the staff working in government organisation are not deserving the position and they are enjoying benefit on the cost of those people who pay taxes to contribute economic growth but unfortunately spended on idiots……There is no one to stop this …..this is karachi / Pakistan where the road are NOT REPAIRED , NO WATER SUPPLY ,. NO GAS and we have to pay taxes for WHAT ?????????

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