Shadab Khan Makes Alarming Claim About Dated Pakistani Cricket

Islamabad United’s captain, Shadab Khan has said that modern-day cricket requires a fearless mindset. While Islamabad United has always followed the same approach, Shadab Khan added that Pakistan’s national side is not yet fully comfortable with it.

Talking about Islamabad United’s strategy of not holding back with the bat even in crucial times, captain Shadab Khan told CricWick, “We are playing modern-day cricket and we are trying to adopt it. We are not fully comfortable with it. While adopting, there might be problems. For instance [Islamabad United were 109 for 6 down against Quetta Gladiators but they ended up setting a 200 runs target], we could have been all out for 130 or 140 but in such a scenario, I personally back it. There might be failures in what we are adopting, but we accept the failure.”

Sharing the brave mindset behind Islamabad United’s batting strategy, Shadab Khan added, “We always have positive intent to go hard with the bat because we look to utilize the depth in our batting lineup. In this, we might get out for 100 runs and I will be happy with it but I will never like that we play till the end, play all 20 overs, and our team scores 120 runs.”

“We either get all out for 100 or smash 200 runs”, claimed Shadab Khan, showing his bold mindset as the young skipper of Pakistan Super League’s most successful franchise.

When asked about the lack of such a fearless approach in the national side of Pakistan, the skipper of Islamabad United and Northern domestic side explained, “It depends on the team. For instance, Northern has young blood. The youngsters are trying to adopt what they see. Moreover, it is very important to accept failure in leadership and management. Because we start criticizing in no time. In modern-day cricket, in such scenarios, there will be failures. But accepting failure is the key to how teams are built.”

“So, Pakistan team is adopting but we have not yet reached that stage. But gradually we are trying to adopt it, seeing the mindset of our players. Hopefully, we will adopt it.”

Shadab Khan was not able to participate for Islamabad United in the last 3 matches due to injury. The in-form all-rounder is currently the highest wicket-taker of PSL 7, with 17 wickets to his name.

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